Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Uses for Sugar

    *Wasp Trap
    Boil 2 ounces of sugar and a little water in a pan to make a sticky liquid. Pour this into empty jars, or a dish and leave in the open where wasps will be attracted to sweetness. They go into the liquid to feed and cant get out.

    *Start a Fire
    If you have trouble getting a coal, or wood fire to burn throw a handful of sugar onto it. The sugar will ignite and help get the fire going

    *Kill Cockroaches
    Mix equal parts of sugar and baking powder. Sugar attracts these horrible creatures and baking powder kills them

    *WOUND FIRST AID: Cuts and scraped skin benefit from sugar. Sugar is an antibiotic that naturally kills germs. Not only will that it speed the healing of the skin tissue. Clean wound and sprinkle a little over the cut or scrape.

    *PAIN: Studies show that sugar water intake can help INFANTS recovery from the pain of the needle during doctor visits. Simply give 1-4 servings of sugar water instead of plain water before the immunization appointment.

    *PAIN: If you are suffering from neck pain, studies show that injections of sugar water can help. If nothing else is helping ask your doctor about Prolotherapy. It helps many patients reduce their pain medications

    *SKIN REPAIR: - Healing skin and smoothing its appearance. Make a facial & neck scrub of ½ cup sugar and 1/3 C canola oil. You can add oil essences if you like. Use as a gentle face scrub, using gentle circular motions with fingers. Leave on for a few minutes to maximize effects. Rinse off in shower.

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