Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apple tracking your every more with Iphones and Ipads

 Iphone has built in worm. Apple tracking your every more with Iphones and Ipads

Why does Apple need to track you and what will / can the information be used for? It is bad enough that you have to worry about your every movement being tracked on the internet. What websites you visit, what you search for and many other things you probably do not even know about, but now it has been leaked that the Iphone and Ipad tracks your every movement using the cellular towers you use to talk on to follow you and will store the information for a full year.

Kind of makes you want to get one of the old style phone only phones.

swisstech Utili-Key 6-In-1 multi-tool

This is a handy little item that fits onto your keyring. It looks like a key but opens up easily so you can take it off of your keys and use it. I like the fact that it is so easy to come off of the keyring but you do not have to worry about it falling off. It has many great features. Here is a list of them:
 - Flat Screwdriver
 - Phillips Screwdriver
 - Micro-Sized Screwdriver (great for tightening eyeglasses)
 - Straight Blade Knife
 - Serrated Blade Knife
 - Bottle Opener
 - 420 solid stainless steel

This is a cheap little item you can get at Walmart and most autoparts stores. It was $6.99. This makes a great present.

My EDC (everyday carry) items

my EDC items

Here is what I carry everyday on me not including change, wallet, keys, phone (Droid X) and watch.

My main knife is a Boker Plus Automat Kalashnikov 74 series auto-opener (I love this knife).

All of the following is on a small caribiner:

Leatherman Squirt P4 mini multi-tool.
I love this little tool, I use it everyday.

Victorinox classic model
(has scissors, nail file, knife, tweezers, and toothpick).

Zenolite keychain led flashlight
$1.99 at Harbor frieght

finger nail clippers, extra vehicle key, notpad and pen, several pair of nitrile gloves, small Bic lighter, Gerber Multi-Plier 600 multi-tool & a Boker Plus Subcom Flashlight.

In my wallet I also keep an extra house key.

I carry several different pistols. It just depends on which I grab as I walk out of the door and the situation.

Taurus Millennium Pro PT-745, 6 + 1 capacity compact .45 caliber in stainless

Taurus 24/7 Pro CDS .45 caliber 12 + 1 Sub-Compact in stainless

Smith & Wesson Sigma SW40VE .40 Caliber 14 + 1 capacity in stainless.

I also always carry 2 extra mags for whichever gun I am carrying.

When I am at work (I am a Paramedic) I do not carry any of my pistols but I do carry an ASP baton with Tactical Triad flashlight mounted on it and all of the above mentioned items plus what is listed below:
Trauma shears/scissors
Sharpie marker
I-pod Touch 64 gig with lots of medical software for work and games when I am bored (I really wished someone would make more EMS medical apps for the Droid platform)
notpad and pen
and of course lots of gloves.