Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden update

 Here is a video of our container garden. It is my first You Tube video so bear with me. I will be adding more soon. You can make it bigger by clicking on the video and it will take you to You Tube and you can full screen it from there.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

55 gallon planter project

About 2 months ago I was driving past a hardware store in a nearby town and saw that they had a bunch of 55 gallon food grade barrels. I stopped by and asked how much they were and they told me they were $12.00 each. Since I was in my SUV I could only get 2 of them into it. These had held Natural French Sour Concentrate. I had planned to use them as water barrels, but changed my mind and moved to use them as planters. (I will be going back and getting more to use for water barrels and several more to use for additional planters).

Well we decided to start our garden a while back. We started out with many different seeds and sprouted them in starter kits. We planted tomatoes, peppers, different spices and scallions.

Well they are about ready to transplant. So this week I cut the barrels in half long way with my saw and we created 4 planters that hold a lot of plants. (one little tip when cutting these. Use a circular saw if you have one as my saws-all did not cut these very straight as seen in the pictures)

 We drilled 7/16 holes throughout the bottom for drainage.

We then shoveled in gravel to keep the holes from getting plugged up with dirt. We bough 6 x 2 cubic feet bags of soil to put into them.

Here is a picture of the finished planters.

Tools used.

Assistant / Supervisor