Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Newest Light

Well I am truely a flashlight whore. I love lights. I have been carrying a ASP flashlight that has approximately 100 lumens of power and it is really nice as it is a small light, but there is one big drawback. It uses the expensive CR123 batteries. This is a common battery but still expensive comapared to the "AA" or "AAA" style.

Well the other day my supervisor showed me his new flashlight. After we all stood around and grunted our best Tim the Toolman Taylor GRUNTS I got the chance to check it out. It is a NEBO tools model #5557 Redline.

This is a super light. It has 3 different setting for power level 220 lumens, 110 lummens, and 22 lumens. It also has a S.O.S. mode and a defensive strobe. But my favorite part is the adjustable focus beam. It will through a peircing narrow spot a very long distance or will spread out to a very wide area. My second favorite part is it use common "AAA" batteries to operate it making it easy and cheap to keep lots of extra batteries handy with you.
I had to have one. I went to the Russel-Do-It Center in our local area and picked one of these up. It is a lot cheaper there the I can even order it from the internet. It was $19.99 plus tax. Now here is what I found with one of my own in hand. For starters, the Redline specs out at 4-1/2L x 1-1/2D and 6.85 ounces. The body is well-machined from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that Nebo says is weather-proof. The main body features smooth knurling and a machined pattern for secure gripping. The body fits well in my extra large hands. There is also a chart on the side of the light that gives you the power levels and approximate run times. The push button end cap is made from glow it the dark rubber but I do not see much purpose in it as you have to charge it with another light. Kind of useless in my opinion.
It also has a tactical front end that can cause serious damage to someone if struck with it in a jabbing strike. Well last night I got a call while at work from my fiance Kelly saying that she had to call the Fire Department due to the next door neighbor's houses main power feed from the street was shooting sparks and flames from the side of their house and she was scared it was going to start a fire. I am a Paramedic with a local ambulance company and my station is only 2 miles from the house. My partner and I came over to the house and the fire department was already there. I know most of these guys as we see them on a very regular basis.  As soon as I stepped out I reached back and got the light out. As I walked down the neighbor's driveway I turned it on and focused the beam a bit and made my way to where the firemen were standing. I was surprised by the fact that the fireman standing there was using a very dim light that barely put any light on the spot less then 15 feet away. They were standing there and when they saw that they knew me they told me all was ok and were waiting on the power company to come out and disconnect the power. The guys also stated that the light was unbelievable in how bright it was and when I told them it was only $20.00 they were impressed.

Now before anyone comments that this light is not NFPA approved, I already know this. I would not in anyway recommend this for a fireman that fights fires, but a lot of our fire personal are also EMT's and Paramedics. This is a perfect light for this reason.


I give this light a 5 star rating.

The Nebo Redline is well-made and projects a tremendous amount of light. Would I recommend this light to others? Most certainly. This is the cheapest in price of the over 200 lumen light on the market that I know of. I will be buying several more for my bags and vehicles.

NEBO tools website link for the Redline light

Here are the specs direct from the NEBO TOOLS site.


Settings – 220 lumens / 110 lumens / 22 lumens / S.O.S. / Defensive Strobe
Runtime – 100% - 4 hours of continuous illumination
                  50% - 8 hours of continuous illumination
                  10% - 15 hours of continuous illumination
                  S.O.S. - 72 hours of continuous illumination
                  Strobe - 72 hours of continuous illumination
Length – 4.5”
Diameter – 1.5”
Weight – 0.428 lbs.
Batteries – 3 AAA batteries (included)


The ability to bring high-end technology to a compact, fully-redesigned, extremely powerful light source is finally here. The REDLINE™ is our brightest flashlight to date, 220 lumens of pure white light to be exact. In automobiles, redlining is reaching the peak of its performance; whereas we, with NEBO REDLINE™ are harnessing the maximum power of this flashlight with 220 lumens of blinding bright light. (NOTE: Anything above 50 lumens within a 10 yard distance may cause temporary blindness when viewed directly.) The REDLINE™ has 5 lighting modes, 100% white light (220 lumens), 50% white light (110 lumens), 10% white light (22 lumens), S.O.S. mode (220 lumens), or emergency strobe mode (220 lumens). This flashlight has a 4x adjustable beam that works with any light setting to change the REDLINE™ from a flood light to illuminate everything within a 20 yard distance, or to a spot light to focus up to 150 yards. The bezel of the REDLINE™ controls the adjustable beam. The red ring of the NEBO REDLINE™ enhances all of the features of this flashlight.

One high power LED bulb outputs 220 lumens of light (bulb rated for 110,000+ hours     of life)
Anodized aircraft grade aluminum weather-proof compact body design
Magnetic base for hands-free lighting
Aggressive self-defense face
Rear glow-in-the-dark button uses hard/soft touch technology
Hard Touch: Simply click through the functions. (Light will turn off in between settings.) NOTE: Light will     reset to first setting (100% ON after being off for 20 seconds.)
Soft Touch: Press button halfway with no click. This allows the user to cycle     through the settings quickly without the light turning off between settings.

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